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Coffee is a complex and diverse beverage that is a source of joy and tradition the world over. At Sunergos we enter into this joy daily by serving great coffee using quality equipment. We desire to assist you as you pursue the same goal by supplying your equipment, offering advice, and partnering with you in the craft of coffee.


Knowing equipment is more than our job; it’s our passion.
We know the ins and outs of every piece of coffee equipment that we sell and service. Even beyond that, we love the technology and processes of brewing and are always willing to share with you the new things that we are learning in our pursuit of outstanding coffee. Our other experience includes roasting coffee, barista training, and the science behind our practices.


Coffee is relational.
The nature of Sunergos is one that begins with relationship. As a result you are not simply a sale to us, though we would be happy to have your business. We will walk with you through every step of the process, including consultation with your plumbers and electricians as a part of your purchase. Listening to your plans is really important to us and will help determine what sort of brewing equipment will work best for you. We work with companies large and small and consider it a pleasure to step into your situation and provide you with knowledge from our own experience.

Astoria, Fetco, La Marzocco, Mazzer, Hario… The list goes on.
Even with a wealth of advice, without top notch equipment the quality level of a coffee shop suffers. We have chosen espresso machines, drip brewers, grinders, and a variety of manual brewing options from several manufacturers, many of which we ourselves use. Multiple price ranges are available, though all of the equipment we sell is built to last for years with proper maintenance.

Properly functioning equipment is the beginning of preserving great quality coffee.
Maintaining equipment is another area of focus where we strive for excellence. We will teach you and your staff preventative maintenance and work with you on setting up a schedule to make sure it is done regularly. If a larger problem is present involving repair or overhaul, we can take care of this too. As a small business we’re easy to reach, your calls and emails are always welcome even if you just have a question or concerns so feel free to contact us.

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