At Sunergos Coffee, we have an inspired group of highly skilled and knowledgeable barista trainers who realize that the path to excellence is one of constant learning.  And, since excellent coffee and great equipment deserve proper representation in the cup, we want to partner with you in the development of your barista skills. When you setup a training with Sunergos Coffee, we will share our coffee passion, experiences and skills either at your location or here in Louisville at one of our shops.


At your location, we can train you and your staff in context on your equipment and based on your particular needs.  Training at our location allows for on-bar shadowing and  off-bar instruction and practice with the various equipment we use and recommend.

Our core content includes these Foundational Barista Skills:
Understanding Coffee Through Cupping

Communication with Customers about Coffee

The Coffee Chain from Producer to Consumer

Espresso Preparation

Milk Texturing

Drink Building

Brewing Ratios

Grind Adjustments

Bar Efficiency, Cleanliness & Management

Pour Over Coffee Techniques

Building Coffee Community

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our training program. We are passionate, dedicated, and desire to work hard for your success in learning the necessary skills of the barista craft.

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